Remedi SeniorCare is a long-term care pharmacy provider that specializes in serving senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and other care settings. Here are some key details about Remedi SeniorCare:

  1. Pharmacy Services: Remedi SeniorCare offers comprehensive pharmacy services tailored to the needs of seniors in long-term care settings. They provide medication management services, including packaging, dispensing, and delivery of medications, as well as medication administration training and support for caregivers.
  2. Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR): Remedi SeniorCare utilizes advanced technology, such as their proprietary MARx™ eMAR system, to streamline medication administration and documentation processes. This electronic system helps ensure accurate medication management, reduces medication errors, and enhances communication between care providers.
  3. Consultant Pharmacist Services: Remedi SeniorCare employs licensed consultant pharmacists who collaborate with healthcare professionals, including physicians and nurses, to optimize medication regimens and ensure the safe and effective use of medications for residents. These pharmacists provide medication reviews, therapeutic recommendations, and ongoing support to the care team.
  4. Medication Therapy Management: Remedi SeniorCare emphasizes medication therapy management to promote resident safety and well-being. They work closely with healthcare providers to conduct medication reviews, identify potential drug interactions or adverse effects, and make recommendations for optimizing medication therapy.
  5. Technology Integration: Remedi SeniorCare integrates its pharmacy services with electronic health record (EHR) systems used by care facilities, promoting seamless information exchange and enhancing medication management efficiency.

Remedi SeniorCare operates in several states across the United States, serving a wide range of long-term care facilities. If you are interested in utilizing Remedi SeniorCare’s services or have specific inquiries, it is recommended to contact them directly to obtain more detailed information about their offerings, coverage area, and how they can meet the unique needs of your care setting.

Please note that specific services, coverage, and availability may vary depending on your location and the specific agreement or contract between Remedi SeniorCare and the care facility or senior living community.