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Grand Coaching




God can and will use grandparents to head off these destructive trends in the lives of our grandchildren. The Master Life Coach Training Institute offers a 16-part online course to equip you to use Christian life coaching to positively interact with your grandchildren in a way that can counter the dangerous effects of modern trends.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13



Cancel culture, sexual distortion, critical race theory and other cultural shifts have penetrated our public education system and our society. Clearly we live in a post-Christian era. But there is hope … Godly grandparents.

As Christian grandparents, you have a unique opportunity to influence and support your grandchildren’s spiritual growth. Here are some tips to help you fulfill your role effectively:

  1. Pray for your grandchildren: Make prayer a priority and intercede for your grandchildren regularly, asking God to guide and bless them.
  2. Be a role model: Demonstrate a Christ-like lifestyle in your words and actions. Your grandchildren will learn from observing your faith in action.
  3. Share your faith story: Share your personal experiences and testimony of how God has worked in your life. This can inspire and encourage your grandchildren in their own faith journey.
  4. Provide spiritual guidance: Engage in conversations about faith, answer their questions, and provide age-appropriate explanations of biblical principles.
  5. Read and study the Bible together: Encourage regular Bible reading and study with your grandchildren. Explore age-appropriate devotional materials or children’s Bibles to make it more engaging for them.
  6. Attend church together: If possible, take your grandchildren to church with you. Engage in worship, attend age-appropriate classes or activities, and participate in church events together.
  7. Encourage involvement in Christian youth groups or activities: Support and encourage your grandchildren’s participation in Christian youth groups, camps, or retreats that promote fellowship and spiritual growth.
  8. Teach about Christian values and virtues: Instill biblical values such as love, kindness, forgiveness, and honesty in your interactions with your grandchildren. Help them understand the importance of living out these values.
  9. Engage in service and outreach together: Find opportunities to serve others as a family. Volunteer at local charities or engage in acts of kindness that reflect Christ’s love.
  10. Support their parents’ spiritual leadership: Encourage and support your grandchildren’s parents in their role as spiritual leaders. Collaborate with them to reinforce consistent biblical teaching and values.
  11. Be available and attentive: Create a safe and open space for your grandchildren to share their thoughts, struggles, and questions. Listen attentively and provide guidance and support when needed.
  12. Celebrate faith milestones: Celebrate important milestones in your grandchildren’s spiritual journey, such as baptism or confirmation. Make these moments memorable and affirm their commitment to Christ.

Remember, your influence as a Christian grandparent goes beyond words. By loving, accepting, and demonstrating Christ’s love to your grandchildren, you can make a lasting impact on their faith and character development.


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