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  • Austin museum acquires art treasures.   AUSTIN, Texas — For years it was a small, struggling art museum crammed into two buildings on the University of Texas campus. Then through a storybook scenario it acquired one of the world’s greatest private collections of Renaissance and Baroque art.


  • Fitness vacations beckon to healthful boomers.    Vacation-bound baby boomers are booking fewer hedonistic holidays in favor of fitness and spa sojourns. Travel industry experts say that amusement and indulgence are on the way out, while fostering optimum health and fitness, and body/mind relaxation are becoming increasingly in.


  • Go-Underground to glimpse Seattle's unusual past.      SEATTLE -- Things might drop on you. Rats and cockroaches abound. And, well, it smells. bad.Other than that, the underground tour of Seattle is an entertaining and adventurous way to learn about the city’s checkered past. What a contrast to today’s spectacular city.


  • Three museums in San Francisco share artistic rebirth.   Like three sisters, the three major museums of San Francisco have overcome rivalries rooted in their origins to seek a new, mature and vibrant beauty.  In January 1995, the sensational new building for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta, opened with worldwide attention on the museum's 60th anniversary.


  • Eerie Idaho landscape resembles moon.   If you've ever envied the astronauts who have had a close-up look at the moon, you can get an idea of what they experienced by journeying only as far as Idaho. Here, in the southern part of the state, are landscapes similar to those on the moon.  The dominant feature of the area is the scabrous, lava-covered Snake River Plain. Extending 300 miles east to west and 60 miles across at its widest point, the plain forms an oval roughly bounded by the towns of Idaho Falls and Pocatello on the east, Twin Falls to the southwest, and Arco on the north.


  • Old farms drawing modern travelers.   You just can't keep `em down on the farm. But you can sure bring `em back for a breath of fresh air.  In idyllic rural settings across the country, modern travelers are stopping at a fascinating breed of tourist attractions to get a first-hand sense of life on the farm.


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  • Leave Act only modest help for workers giving elder care.  Up to 40 percent of American workers, it's estimated, will have to help care for an older person within the next five years. Many may have to - or want to - take time off work to meet those obligations. You might think the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act would be a big help, but for all its good intentions, the act may be of little use to many workers.


  • Finding good home health aid takes work.  For many elderly people, the availability of someone to help them a few hours a day with personal care or household chores can mean the difference between continuing to live at home or moving into a nursing home.


  • Home medical devices a draw for scam artists.  If you are among the millions of elderly or disabled Americans who require special medical equipment in your home for health reasons, Medicare may cover most of the cost.  But be careful. There are numerous scams involving home medical equipment suppliers that cost the government billions each year in Medicare fraud and might leave you stuck with equipment you don't want or bills you didn't expect.


  • Occupational therapy plays significant role in improving safety and independence.  Who would have thought that "home sweet home" could be such a dangerous place? The home environment can be a significant factor in limiting our independence later in life. For example, more than half of falls by the well-elderly come as a result of tripping over something, with an estimated thirty percent of those over 64 falling at least one time a year.


  • Social Security and family values.  Many people think of Social Security as a retirement program. But Social Security plays a role in most people's lives. It provides valuable protection for you and your family against the loss of income resulting from your retirement, death or disability. Forty percent of the 42 million people receiving Social Security benefits are not retired workers, they are the spouses and children of retired workers or are receiving disability or survivors benefits as the spouse, children, widow(er) or parents of retired, deceased, or disabled workers.


  • Retirees should be aware of pension offset rules.  If you expect to receive more than one type of retirement pension, you need to know how your Social Security benefits may be affected.  If you are entitled to both Social Security and a pension based on your employment from a job not covered under Social Security, your Social Security benefit may be reduced.


  • Telephone service safe and fast.  In today's hectic society, using the telephone is a quick, easy way to take care of business and Social Security is no exception. You can take care of most of your Social Security business by using a toll-free 800 number. But what if the call we receive about your Social Security business is not from you? Is your personal information safe? The answer is yes.


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