What is the Senior Information Network?

It is the premier high tech source in obtaining information about Senior Support Services across the United States.

The Senior Information Network is located at:

Senior-Inet, Inc.
P.O. Box 370912
Denver, CO 80237

email: info@senior-inet.com

The body of the community web pages is designed to provide you with a list of those people and agencies who can provide services for seniors in each community. More specifically, information on providers of senior resources in any community can be obtained via Web Pages by selected cities. For example: If someone from Boston, MA wishes to find out about Independent Living Housing in Colorado Springs, CO, they will start with this Home Page, be able to select Colorado Springs, CO and view a listing of resources there. There will also be web pages available for some of these resource providers which can be viewed by clicking on the buttons next to their names and addresses.

Additionally, more information on the resource providers can be requested via e-mail: theirs or ours as the case might be.

For various information categories such as Health, Housing, Rehabilitation, Banking, etc. interesting articles will also be selected to keep one up-to-date with senior information and issues. Check the left side for a listing of the current articles available.

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The Senior Information Network is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or higher).

So get started by selecting a city for which you wish to locate a senior resource, and keep coming back as we continue to fill in this network.